handmade jewellery created with
  nature’s gemstone treasures

Welcome to Creations by Hands, where I hope you will find a piece of jewellery that inspires you.  Everything you see here is made by me, Shirley Hands.

I only use responsibly sourced gemstones purchased from reputable dealers so you will always know that you what you are buying is made with genuine precious and semi precious stones and metals.

If you have an idea of your own but can’t see it in the shop – please do contact me and together we can design just the piece for you.

So where do I make all my jewellery and what got me started?            Last year I was lucky enough to realise my dream and move to the coast in Cornwall so that is where my jewellery is designed and made.  

I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t into some form of craftwork.  I started out painting stones as a child when I lived in Malta, loved making my own clothes and knitting, tie-dyeing fabrics when it was originally the height of fashion, calligraphy, cross stitch painting and sketching, patchwork and decoupage.

When I went to live in Cyprus I started to make jewellery, spurred on by the availability of some amazing gemstones and the affordability of silver. Whilst I still keep up with my other crafts my passion now is making jewellery, learning and applying new techniques and understanding the qualities and properties of the stones I work with.  What started out as a hobby transcended into thoughts of a small business the day I made my first sale at a craft fair in Cyprus and realised that people actually wanted to buy my jewellery (I cannot tell you how thrilled I was).

Away from the world of crafts and design much of my time is spent strolling through the countryside and along the beach with my dog, Bobby, who I rescued whilst I was living in Cyprus and pandering to the whims of my four beautiful Birman cats.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop

Shirley Hands

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