Each of us has our favourite gemstones for many and varied reasons; it may be the colour or texture that attracts us or the way the stone has been cut.  The choices are very personal.

However, when it comes to birthstones by month it is generally accepted that there are four versions of the truth, English and American, each with a traditional and modern variation. The stones I have included are a mix of the ‘truths’ – they are my favourites from them.

The range of gemstones associated with zodiac signs is an even more eclectic and there is certainly no remotely definitive version of the truth.  Again my choices are a mix of my favourite zodiac birthstones from the most popular ones.

For each list I have added their historical use as a gemstone, their usual colours and some of their associated spiritual and healing properties. Whilst I do believe in the healing benefits of crystals I wouldn’t presume that everyone would share my belief; so please feel free to treat the healing properties from their mythical origins.

I hope you will find the lists of interest in their own right or as ideas when you are looking for a personalised gift for a loved one or a friend.




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