Birthstones – by Month

Birthstones by Month

January  – Garnet

Used as a gemstone since the Bronze Age
Colour - Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Black
Properties -  Inspires love, energising, stimulates the metabolism
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February – Amethyst 

Used as a gemstone by the ancient Egyptians
Colour - purple to lavender
Properties  -  calms or stimulates the mind , enhance the memory, brings restful sleep
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March – Aquamarine

Used frequently by the Romans in their jewellery
Colour - blue-green
Properties -  stone of courage,  calms the mind, strengthens the body's cleansing organs
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April - Diamond

Use in jewellery dates back to antiquity
Colour - clear and colourless
Properties - symbol of purity, brings clarity of mind, rebalances the metabolism

May - Emerald

Early use -  Cleopatra was enchanted by the emerald gemstone
Colour - Green
Properties - enhances unconditional love, said to foretell the future, soothes the eyes

June - Pearl

Early uses -  ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians, Romans
Colour - traditionally white, but now in a range of colours, the most coveted being the black pearl
Properties -  symbolises purity, calming, used in medicines
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July - Ruby

Early use - worn by royalty and aristocrats around the world for centuries
Colour - red
Properties - protect from misfortune, sharpens the mind

August - Peridot

Early use in jewellery dates back to ancient Egyptians
Colour - vivid green, yellowish  green (known as chrysolite), olive green (known as olivine)
Properties - neutralises toxins, reduces stress, benefits the skin

September - Sapphire

Early uses - loved by the Romans, revered by early Buddhists
Colour - Blue, yellow, green, black, purple
Properties - stone of wisdom, helps keep you on your spiritual path, regulates the glands

October - Opal

Early use - adored by the Romans in their jewellery
Colour - White, pink, black, beige. blue and many more
Properties - picks up thoughts and feelings, associated with love and passion, purifies the blood
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November - Topaz

Early use -  as a talisman by the Romans
Colour - blue, yellow, brown, clear
Properties - re-motivates, stone of good fortune, stimulates the metabolism

December - Tanzanite

Early use - introduced into the gem world in the 20th century
Colour - pure blue is the most valuable, then bluish purple but this gem varies considerably in tone and saturation and choice of tone is a very personal one  
Properties - the gemstone of good fortune, restores balance, clears toxins from the body

Images of amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, ruby, peridot and sapphire: courtesy of Boykung at
Image of pearl: courtesy of Zole4 at
Image of garnet: courtesy of: CC BY-SA 3.0,
Image of citrine: CC BY-SA 3.0,