Topaz Jewellery for November Birthdays

Lustrous topaz is the birthstone for those born in November, a gemstone with a long history including being used as a talisman by the Romans.

White Topaz

For those of you who have an interest in the healing properties of topaz, it is believed to be a soothing gemstone, providing re-motivation and directing its energy to where it is most needed.

Topaz comes in a range of colours including clear, yellow, brown, red, orange, light green and blue.   Naturally, topaz is a clear gemstone but sometimes impurities build up as the stone develops it is those impure elements which will determine its final colour.  Coloured topaz are therefore more rare than white/colourless topaz.

Blue topaz is widely available and affordable but the majority of blue topaz is not a natural colour; it will have been irradiated and heated with the depth of colour ranging commonly from Sky Blue to Swiss Blue to London Blue.  Indeed many of the coloured topaz gems you will see have been heat treated or enhanced in some way.  There is nothing wrong with these treatments (which can occur in other gemstones as well) provided you are provided with that information when you buy your gems.

Blue Topaz

Imperial Topaz from the Ouro Preto region of Brazil is a totally natural colour and by far the most rare and valuable of the topaz stones, having a reddish pleochroic colour.  Pleochroic is a phenomena by which a gemstone displays  various different hues and colours depending on the angle or light source in which it is viewed.

Topaz is found in various parts of the world including Russia, Afghanistan,  Australia, United States, Germany, Norway, Brazil and Japan.

Topaz is a relatively hard gemstone which makes it highly suitable for everyday wear.

Waterfall - Blue Topaz Earrings

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of jewellery created with topaz please contact me to discuss a bespoke piece; alternatively you may see an item in my store that inspires you.

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